Nico has been helping entrepreneurs and startups for more than 9 years now by developing applications that helped thousands of people. Founded multiple startups like and NZarris.

Early Career

In 2012, Nico started working as a freelance app developer and worked with over 100 startups and entrepreneurs across the globe. Most of his clients are from Australia, Singapore, Philippines, and USA. Nico is all about giving value to his clients and this is why Nico gained a lot of interest from foreign companies. He helped startup companies like BrandStrong, WrestleQuest, Windfall Entertainment, YouChef, Urban planet mobile, Silang Farm Harvest, Go Crayons, 333 Words, and many more individual entrepreneurs to develop their websites, prototypes, and applications.

Nico built different kinds of projects like Custom SaaS Applications, Web-based Game Development, Warehouse and Distribution App, Magazine type websites, Landing Pages, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing Apps, Web-based virus (deletion of whole server and site), Python Based Desktop Bots/Automation, Raspberry & Arduino Apps, JavaScript-based game applications, Lottery Application, Roulette App Product

Subscription Based Web Apps, Multi-Level Marketing Web Applications, Social Networking, Sales and Inventory System, E-Commerce, Point of Sales System, RFID System, HR System, Personal Websites, Educational Apps, Social media bots, AI-related bots, Slack App Development, Tracking System, Restaurant System, GPS based tracking software, based applications, etc..

First Business, First Failure

Nico had a huge success in freelancing and clients keep on coming to buy his services. Since he can’t keep up with the demand, In 2014, he built his first App Development Firm called Fixanapp. Fixanapp was focused on building Web and Mobile applications. Nico hired a team of web developers, designers, marketing, sales specialists, and mobile app developers.

Just like any startup, there were times that his business is profitable, and some months that are not. That’s why Nico decided to close down Fixanapp in 2017 due to mismanagement and lack of a business plan.

After having a failed business, Nico didn’t bother or even get upset because he knew to himself that the only reason why his business failed is because of himself, the founder.

Time to reflect, Time to learn

Along with his failure was a big curious head. Nico was so curious why his business failed. Then he realized that there’s so much more into the business. And being a technical guy or a developer is not enough. So that’s why he spent years studying a lot of topics about business development while doing freelance work. 

The topics that he studied over the years are Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Twitter Marketing, Youtube Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, Social Media Advertising, Google Ads, Black hat SEO, White hat SEO, Link Building, On-Page SEO, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Funnel Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Passive Income Business, Investments, Stock Market, Sales, Cold Calling, Closing, Design Concepts, Business Development, Copywriting, Branding, Dropshipping, Print on Demand, Local Ecommerce Strategies, 2D Animation, Project management, Team management, Leadership, Public Speaking, Customer Acquisition, Lead Generation, Hiring People, Understanding People, and Building Startups.

For Nico, learning new stuff doesn’t mean that you need to be an expert. It doesn’t mean that you’re going to be the jack of all trades. You just need the right amount of knowledge on every skill that you want to acquire.  Learn how to do a certain skill at a very minimum level of understanding and its processes. By doing this way, you’ll improve your business skills, hiring skills and you can easily get rid of unnecessary stuff in the business. You’ll know exactly what you need, when you need it and why you need it.

After learning new skills, Nico applied and practiced all his technical and business skills by giving additional values to his clients while developing their applications. He’s not just developing apps but he’s also suggesting other approaches in business, marketing strategies, advertising, and other business stuff that the client might be needed along the way. Clients loved him! He’s not just helping entrepreneurs develop their apps but he’s also helping them to solve business problems.

New Beginning

In 2019 he started NZarris Software Development Services. An App development Firm where its main focus is on helping clients build their startup in the safest way possible.

Then In 2020, He started which is an e-commerce marketplace for buying goods from local businesses and individual sellers in your city. Another startup that Nico is going to release this year is Fildesigns. A subscription-based design agency that offers unlimited graphic design specifically for entrepreneurs that owns a print on demand business. 

Since Nico has a lot of experience in developing apps and has worked with multiple startups, he knew that helping startups and entrepreneurs would give him happiness and fulfillment in life. So, he decided to share his experiences and knowledge with other developers and inspire them to build their own business or startup.

Nico has only one mission in life

A mission to inspire and help millions of developers on how to make a successful startup using the technical knowledge that they already know. And he believes in his vision that one day, he will see the world where making a startup is as easy as using the calculator. 

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